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Tan Cheng Siong

Place of Birth: Unknown; Died at age 42


While the date of birth and death is unknown for Tan Cheng Siong, he was a very prominent figure amongst the Chinese community in Singapore back in his times. His tomb remains in Bukit Brown and is one of the tombs to be affected by the development of Bukit Brown Road.

A Prominent Figure in the Chinese Community
Back in his day, Tan Cheng Siong was the general manager of Overseas Chinese Bank. At the same time, he was managing the company United Sawmill Ltd, together with other prominent businessmen like Lim Nee Soon, Ong Peng Hock and Lim Boon Keng.

Tan Cheng Siong left behind two widows, Mdm. Lee Guay Eng and Mdm. Wee Chai Neo. Both widows were left with young children of their own. Singapore’s current President, Dr. Tony Tan Keng Yam, is the grandson of Mr. Tan Cheng Siong and Mdm. Wee Chai Neo.

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